From: Isabella Gifts 1-800-777-5205 E-Mail: Date: 9/30/99, 9:28 PM
The Whole Heaven Catalog: A Resource Guide to Products, Services, Arts, Crafts & Festivals of Religious, Spiritual & Cooperative Communities

The subtitle says it all, just about. This is a handful of a book, packed full of what you might consider resource guide material. But it is so much more that you may find yourself curled up in bed with it. Page after page is filled with descriptions of the ways in which monks and nuns and others seeking a spiritual life in a communal existence produce truly wonderful things (but lack the marketing skills and advertising dollars to make them widely available). The book goes on to tell yu how to contact the community in order to obtain their goods or connect with them in other ways. From breads to shrine items to hammocks to retreats, this hefty volume contains a wellspring of information on communities and their services you likely never knew existed. Phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and web sites are listed, along with a description of what the folks are up to. It lists over 200 communities grouped by state, with a few in Canada and one in Mexico. The first time I opened it, I earmarked 8 different pages for further exploration.  
From: A reader from North CarolinaE-Mail: Date: 9/5/99, 10:14 PM
The book to travel with!
I was surprised to find such a wonderful book covering the information I always want when traveling: unique places to stay, a little about the unusualness of a town or city. I especially like the review about a little place in Davie, Fla, gave the history as well as a overview of what they did.The book made me think about actually visiting some of these wonderful locations! But, as usual with these writers, they have found places that the most jaded traveler would want to go. If you're tired of the usual Holiday Inn at the airport type of trip, check out what these folks have found. You won't be sorry! I LOVED the book!!  
From: Henri J. M. NouwenE-Mail: Date: 9/5/99, 10:05 PM
For the countless people who search for a safe place in which they can confront the compulsions and obsessions of this world and claim the truth that they are the beloved sons and daughters of God, this book is a true measure.  
From: Jacob NeedlemanE-Mail: Date: 9/5/99, 9:57 PM
This admirable series of books enables us to understand the full meaning of 'getting away from it all' by directing us to places that help us return to ourselves.  
From: Joseph GoldsteinE-Mail: Date: 9/5/99, 9:52 PM
Finding a setting of contemplative silence is a rare gift and blessing. These special places nourish an inner silence, which itself becomes a sanctuary in each of us of peaceful abiding in the world. "Sanctuaries" is a clear and pragmatic guide to many of these wonderful places of stillness.